Do you want to prepare a pleasant surprise for your clients or employees? Do you want to prepare an enjoyable evening for your friends? Do you have trouble choosing the right place for an educational evening for your company? 

  Take them to Kampus Palace. A multipurpose attic room with original beams and modern interior offers multiple uses for casual and company meetings, networking, lectures, presentations, conferences, training courses, hobbies and other activities.


You can use flexible space and furniture to create the composition of your imagination. The room also contains a fully equipped kitchen.


Theater / Lecture

Clubhouse and reading room


Front desk 24/7

We will welcome and direct your guests to the room in Czech or English language.


Parking reservation made prior your arrival will guarantee parking in our private parking lot.

Hotel accommodation

We can accommodate your guests in the hotel.

Coffee break

Cooperating with our restaurants, we can arrange refreshments catering according to your wishes.

Video screening technology and high-speed Wi-Fi connection

Audiovisual technology is part of the equipment and it is fully at your disposal.


We will help with advertising of your event, we will prepare a custom-made campaign and we will target our members as well as the public. You can choose either one from the offered packages and together, we will set it up.

Price list

For non-profit institutions, hobby clubs and leisure activities, rent is free of charge. The only condition is that the event be open to the students living in Kampus Palace.
Non-profit eventsFor free

Comercial events

parking included

350 CZK per hour
Advertising basic package*For free
Advertising all inclusive**750 CZK
Coffee break – coffee maker rental
0.5 kg of freshly roasted coffee beans + milk, sugar
750 CZK per day
Coffee break –refreshmentsfrom 300 CZK per person
payment for parking necessary with non-profit partnerships
100 CZK per day and car

*Advertising – basic package

We will inform our community about your event without you paying extra.

  • Including your event in our online calendar 
  • Including your event in our wall calendar in Kampus Palace
  • Sharing your event on the social media

**Advertising – all-inclusive

For the advertisement of your event, we will use all our means and we will include a Facebook add as well.

  • Graphic adaptation of your advertising materials
  • Including your event in our online calendar
  • Including your event in our wall calendar in Kampus Palace
  • Sharing your event on Facebook – advertising campaign with value of CZK 500
  • Sending you the results of the advertisement