For those interested in accommodation

What types of accommodation does Kampus Palace provide? What is the difference between a single room and an apartment?

Kampus Palace has single, double and triple rooms. Newly we also offer so-called "large" single rooms, which are slightly larger than the classic single rooms in the apartments.

There are also separate rooms and rooms in apartments. A separate room has its own bathroom and kitchenette. A room in an apartment shares a bathroom and kitchenette with the room next door. The most common type of apartment is 2+2 (two double rooms) or 1+1 (two single rooms), but we have all combinations of rooms including one 3+3 apartment (two triple rooms).

How much does a room cost at Kampus Palace?

The amount of the rent depends on the type of room (single, double, triple) and whether the room is a single room or an apartment. You can find the current rent and the contents of each package on our website in the students - price list section. Alternatively, you can download the pdf price list in the students - downloads section.

Do I have to pay for weekends?

Accommodation at Kampus Palace operates on the principle of long-term accommodation. If you book accommodation from September to June, the assigned place is available for the entire duration of your stay, including weekends and public holidays. It is not possible to pay only for the days actually used.

What are service packages and what do they contain?

The amount of rent depends on the service package you select. Packages include services that are included in the rent. For example, Kampus Palace staff regularly disinfect the common areas of the room/apartment (bathroom, toilet, kitchen). Disinfection is carried out once a month in the Standard package, once every 14 days in case of the Premium package and once a week for the VIP package.

You choose your package when you sign the accommodation contract. Once you chose a package, you cannot change it to a lower package, i.e., you cannot change from the Premium package to the Standard package. The exception is moving to a different room type.

I want to book a room. How do I do it?

Fill in the booking form on our website in the student’s section. This will add you to our list of interested students. As soon as we have your desired room type available, we will contact you with our offer. Alternatively, if the room you want is not available, but we have a vacancy in another room type, we will offer you that option as well and it will be up to you whether you accept the offer.

Is there a curfew at Kampus Palace?

When you move in, you will receive a room key and a chip to enter the building. With this chip you can access the building 24 hours a day. Alternatively, you can ring the reception desk, where there is 24-hour service.

If you are a high school student and under 18, curfew is up to you and your parents. Kampus Palace does not monitor arrivals and departures!

I'd like the whole room to myself. How much will it cost?

If capacity allows, you can book a whole room for yourself. However, you must pay for all the beds in the room, regardless of whether you are staying with someone or alone. That means if you rent a double room all to yourself, you must pay rent for both beds in the room.

I want to share a room with a friend/partner. Is that possible?

If capacity permits, this is of course allowed. When filling in the booking form/extension form, please indicate the name of the roommate. It is also necessary for the roommate to register and provide their contact information.

Can I have a pet in my room?

Pets are strictly forbidden at Kampus. The only exception is an assistance dog. In this case you must inform a responsible Kampus Palace staff before signing the contract, as your roommate must also agree to the dog's presence. 

What does Kampus Palace provide as part of the rental and what can be rented for a fee?

At Kampus Palace we have a few things you can borrow for free/for a fee. You can borrow board games or a vacuum cleaner for free at the reception. We also offer a clothes dryer, iron, hair dryer, rice cooker and other kitchen aids for a fee.

For a monthly fee, you can also rent duvets including bed linen, a wi-fi router or a set of cooking pots. These services are payable in advance for the whole semester either by cash or card at reception or by bank transfer.

Is it possible to see Kampus Palace? How can I book a tour?

It is certainly not a problem to explore the common areas of Kampus Palace. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to show you the rooms. We try not to enter the rooms occupied by students and disturb their privacy. During the summer holidays (end of June - end of August) there is then a better chance to see the room.

Room tours can be booked by sending an e-mail to: veronika.kadubcova@kampuspalace.cz.

From when can I book a room?

Reservations for accommodation in the next Academic Year start at the end of May. In the meantime, you can add your name to the list by filling in the booking form here on the website. Priority for accommodation is given to students already living here. Vacancies are then allocated to those on the waiting list.

If you are interested in staying during the academic year, please also fill in the booking form and mark the option Immediate. As soon as we have a space available, we will contact you with an offer.

If I pay the security deposit, when do I have to start paying rent?

The refundable deposit must be paid before entering Kampus on the date and in the amount specified in the Accommodation Contract in paragraph 3.4. The amount of the deposit is derived from the amount of the rent - it is always paid in the amount of the monthly rent + 2000 CZK. This is not the same as paying for the first month of accommodation! Rent must be paid separately. At the end of the accommodation, the security deposit is then refunded in full / less fees, fines, rent arrears. 

Can I live at Kampus Palace even if I am not studying at the University of Ostrava?

Kampus Palace is a private company with no ties to a specific university. Therefore, we accommodate students from the University of Ostrava, the University of Mining and Metallurgy - Technical University and all other universities and colleges. In exceptional cases, we also accommodate students from secondary schools, but only with the consent of their parents.

What are the transport options from Kampus Palace?

Kampus Palace is located in the centre of Ostrava. In the immediate vicinity there are public transport stops Karolina and Výstaviště, which connect the city centre with the whole Ostrava without a transfer / max. with one transfer. The Nová Karolina shopping centre, Ostrava-Střed and Ostrava-Stodolní train stations and the main bus station are within walking distance. In 12 minutes by tram you are at the Main Train Station and in 15 minutes at the Ostrava - Svinov Train Station.

Where is the nearest shop?

There are several shops around Kampus Palace. The Nová Karolina Shopping Centre, where Albert is located, is a 5-minute walk away. In the direction of Masaryk Square there is Hruška, Teta or Billa.

How far is it to my faculty?

Most of the faculties of the University of Ostrava are within walking distance of Kampus Palace (for more information, see the map, the address of Kampus Palace is Smetanovo náměstí 3116/10). The faculties of other universities, including VŠB, are accessible by public transport. There is the City Campus just behind the Antonín Dvořák Theatre.

I need a visa to stay in the Czech Republic. How can I obtain the documents needed for a visa?

You will receive a confirmation of accommodation for visa purposes for a fee (100 CZK for Standard, 50 CZK for Premium and free for VIP package). You will only be entitled to this confirmation once we receive a scan of the signed accommodation contract and confirmation of the refundable deposit.

Where to go for coffee, breakfast, a nice meal or a drink?

If you're in the mood for something good to eat or drink, we recommend trying one of the commercial outlets located on the ground floor of Kampus Palace. Across the street from Kampus, there's a cool cafe called Trouble Cafe and the service is great. In the surrounding area, we can recommend Pant Cafe, CØKAFE, Coffeeshop U Černého stromu and others.

For drink we recomend Modrá myš, Stodolní street , Etáž, Dock or Provoz. 

You can find more information and tips here.

Q&A for Kampus Palace residents

What is the procedure for moving in? What do I need to pay when I move in?

First, you need to report your move-in date in advance to muj@kampuspalace.cz. You must show your ID at the reception on the day of your move-in. You will then receive an envelope containing your student card, room key, main entrance chip, welcome letter and handover report. You must check your room thoroughly and note any deficiencies or defects in the protocol. Then hand in the report to the reception.

After that, you need to pay the fees - 200 CZK for painting and 250 CZK for the mattress cover (500 CZK in the case of a double bed). All students pay these fees when they move in and will no longer be charged when they move out. You do not have to pay the cover fee if you show your own cover (stretchable cover placed between the mattress and the sheets, size 90x200, 180x200) when you move in. You are obliged to use this cover for the entire duration of your stay at Kampus Palace.

When do I have to pay the rent?

Rent is payable by the 5th day of the month. This means that the rent is paid for the month in advance, not in arrears! E.g. for September the rent must be sent by the 5th of September, for October by the 5th of October, etc.

If you have a contract from a date other than the 1st of the month, the rent for the month you move in is due 5 days after you receive the keys. So if you have a contract from 10 April, you need to pay a pro-rata rent for April by April 15.

How can I pay the rent?

Rent can be paid by bank transfer. In case of transfer from a foreign account, you need to take into account the current exchange rate and any additional fees your bank may charge.

It is also possible to pay by credit card or cash, but only on weekdays from 7:00 to 14:00 (only in the presence of the main receptionist Veronika). Card payments can again be made in Euros. When converting to Euros, the exchange rate determined by a Kampus Palace staff member will be used.

Is there wi-fi at Kampus Palace?

Kampus Palace provides internet from a socket (LAN cable connection), you must have your own cables or wi-fi router. We recommend TP-Link routers (TL WR841N, TL-WR840N or similar). These routers have been tested and are working. O2 routers do not work here!

You can also rent a router from Kampus Palace for a monthly fee. The current rental fee is listed in the Fee and Penalty Schedule in the Downloads section of our website.

Kampus Palace offers free wi-fi only in public areas (reception, lounge, aquarium, laundry, gym, hall).

What electronics can I bring to my room? And where can I get a revision and how much does it cost?

A detailed list of permitted electronics can be found in the Kampus Palace Order, which can be downloaded from our website.

There are 4 categories of electrical appliances:

  1. electrical appliances allowed (e.g. tablets, computers, mobile phone chargers, toothbrush, hairdryer, shaver, etc.). These electrical appliances are allowed without restriction.
  2. Electrical appliances are only allowed with a valid inspection by our inspection technician (e.g. extension cords, splitters, printers, kettle, toaster, toaster, iron, etc.).
  3. electrical appliances allowed only with a valid inspection and for a fee. These are own refrigerators and freezers.
  4. unauthorised electrical appliances - anything not authorised, i.e. appliances without a valid inspection, instantaneous heaters, air conditioners, etc.

The inspection is carried out by our inspection technician. The day and time of the revision will be announced to you in advance. It is your responsibility to access and prepare all electrical appliances requiring inspection. The price of the revision is around 70 CZK per appliance (according to the current price list of a revision technician). If a non-compliant or unrevised appliance is found to be in use, we will follow the Kampus Palace Regulations and the Schedule of Fees and Fines.

How does the gym work?

Gym keys are available at the reception. For students paying for the Standard Package, access to the gym is charged according to the Schedule of Fees and Fines. If you are going to the gym with a person who is not staying at Kampus Palace, that person pays for admission (the VIP package has a free guest in the gym once a week).

What about dining and cooking at Kampus Palace?

Kampus Palace does not provide a meal plan. You only have a kitchenette in your apartment that you can use for cooking (you must have your own pots and pans, or pay for the "I cook with Kampus" package). You can also use the large kitchen on the 6th floor, which also has an oven, dishwasher and large fridge.

There are then several restaurants in the Kampus Palace building and various restaurants, supermarkets, cafes and fast food outlets are located nearby.

Is there somewhere I can store my frozen food?

There is a large freezer at the reception which you can use to store small food items (ice cream, meat, frozen vegetables etc). Place your items in a bag with your name and room number (bags can also be borrowed from Kampus Palace). Please note that food placed in unmarked bags, or food that remains in the freezer after you have moved out, will be thrown away without refund.

I'm a smoker. Can I smoke in the rooms?

Kampus Palace is completely non-smoking. Smoking is only allowed in designated areas in the Courtyard. Please dispose of cigarette butts in the ashtrays. At the same time, between 10:00 pm and 6:00 am, smoking is only allowed quietly to maintain the night-time quiet (with respect not only for Kampus residents, but also for residents of adjacent apartment buildings).

Smoking in your room will be fined according to the Schedule of Fees and Fines. If you cover the fire sensor, you may be fined or have your Accommodation Contract terminated immediately.

Are there quite hours at Kampus?

In Kampus Palace, you must keep quiet at night and respect your fellow guests (not only in the apartment, but also in the surrounding rooms). Between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., loud music, movies, loud entertainment and access to the courtyard are prohibited.

Can I bring a visitor? And can he stay over?

Visitors are allowed either in the common areas (lounge, reception) or in the room. Visits must first be written down in a notebook at reception (taking into account, among other things, fire regulations). Every visitor must sign out when leaving. Visitors are only allowed to move around the premises of Kampus Palace when accompanied by a person they are visiting. It is strictly forbidden to leave a visitor on the premises of Kampus Palace (including rooms) alone. Visitors must wait at the front desk for the arrival of the Kampus resident they are visiting.

Visitors can even stay overnight. The price and rules for overnight stays are listed in the Fee and Penalty Schedule. All roommates in the apartment must always agree to the overnight stay.

I need to wash my clothes. Where can I wash my clothes and how much does it cost?

There is a laundry room in the basement where you can use three large capacity washing machines and three large capacity dryers. You can pay for laundry in cash, by card, via the mobile app or with tokens (included in the VIP package, or available at the reception for 60 CZK per token).

Laundry and drying prices are posted in the laundry room and at the reception. You can choose from three programmes - programme A (you must have your own washing powder), programme B and programme C (everything is already included). This year programme A costs 100 CZK, programme B 120 CZK and programme C 140 CZK.

The dryer works on the principle of the more money you put in, the longer it dries. For 50 CZK, it dries in about 30 minutes.

You can also rent a clothes dryer at reception for a fee.

What other services does Kampus Palace offer?

You can borrow a vacuum cleaner free of charge at reception. For a fee, you can use the iron, ironing board, hairdryer, clothes dryer or rice cooker. When renting, please check everything properly and report any defects to reception immediately.

You can also rent a wi-fi router at Kampus Palace for a fee.

Kampus also offers the possibility of renting a pillow package, the so-called "Borrow a Pillow" service. We offer three types of these packages, which vary in content and frequency of linen washing. For more information, please see the Downloads section.

We have also prepared a new option for you to borrow kitchen equipment (pot, pan, cooker and basic utensils).

You can also borrow board games from reception, which you can play either in the common room or in your room. We just ask for consideration and caution so that the games can be used by other Kampus Palace residents.

You can also buy a bite to eat or a drink, coffee or print something at the reception. You can find the current printing prices in the Fee and Penalty Schedule or on the bulletin board by the printer.

We want to watch a movie/play board games. Can we use the common room?

The lounge is free to use from September to June. The bedtime rule applies here as well. Therefore, please do not have any loud parties here after 10 pm and if you are watching a movie, close the door.

Keys to the computer and audio cabinet, including the projector remote control, are available at the reception. Please check that everything is switched off, including the audio equipment, when you leave as it tends to overheat.

We also have a collection of board games at the reception, which we regularly expand. You can borrow board games for free. Just write it down in your notebook.

You can also invite visitors to the common room. Just remember to always sign in at the reception.

I'm planning a private event. Can I rent some space?

Currently we can offer you a common room or aquarium space. You can find more information, including prices for individual rentals, on our website in the conferences section. If you pay for the Premium or VIP package, you have one hour or two hours for the VIP package, respectively, of commercial rental free of charge.

If you are planning an event that will have unlimited free admission, we will not charge you for room rental.

I have an important exam coming up and I need somewhere quiet to study. Are there any special rooms in the building?

You can use the common room for studying. It's the perfect space for group projects or learning in a group of several people.

For more peace and privacy, you can book the Aquarium. It's the perfect room for studying and preparing projects for up to two people. It can also be used for tutoring, for example.

I have a problem in my room/apartment (light does not work, toilet leaking, etc.). What now?

You can always report faults at the reception or by sending an e-mail to info@kampuspalace.cz or muj@kampuspalace.cz. Be sure to mention your apartment number or which room it is and describe the fault. If you think it might help the manager to locate and identify the problem, you can enclose a photo.

I would like to install a shelf in his room or hang a picture. Is that allowed?

Any interference with the walls or furniture in the room is strictly forbidden (including pasting posters, photos, mugs). Changing the layout of furniture or adding a shelf, bulletin board or picture is only possible with the permission of the custodian and with his help to avoid permanent damage to the Kampus Palace property.

I broke something. What's the procedure now?

If you have broken anything, either in the apartment or in the common areas, or if you have borrowed anything, please let us know as soon as possible. No one will rip your head off and if you approach it sensibly, we will take this into account when quantifying the damage.

I lost/forgot my keys at home, can I borrow a spare at reception?

If you've just forgotten your keys, you can always ask the reception to let you into your room. Unfortunately, we do not have spare keys available.

If you know you have lost your keys, report it to reception as soon as possible. A new key will need to be made and a new chip programmed to enter the building. The cost can be found in the Schedule of Fees and Fines and is based on the number of locks and keys in the apartment, as locks must be rekeyed if a key is lost.

If your key or chip is broken, report it to reception. As in the previous case, they will have new ones made and programmed, but in this case there is no need to change the lock and therefore this option is less expensive.

It is not possible to make your own copy of the key!

Can I print/scan/copy anything at the reception? How much does it cost?

A colour printer is available at reception and can print up to A3 paper sizes. The printer can print, scan and copy.

You can install the printer driver on your computer and print straight from your room. Alternatively, you can email the files to kampusstudenti@gmail.com, open them on a flash drive, or perhaps log directly into your email, student portal, etc. on a computer located at the front desk.

Instructions for installing the printer and the printing process can be found on the web in the Guide for Kampus residents. To log in to the printer, you will need to know your username (email address), password, and possibly have a chip.

You will receive a pre-loaded credit from Kampus Palace (depending on the service package you choose). You must then top up your credit in cash or by card at reception (multiples of 50).

Printing prices are based on the selected service package and the current price list is always displayed at the printer's reception.

I have my own bike. Is it possible to store it somewhere?

We have a bike room at Kampus Palace. You can store your bike here. The keys to the bike room are available exclusively at reception and it is not possible to have your own copy of the key. We recommend locking your bike with your own lock and not leaving helmets and other accessories here. Please also mark the bike with your name or send a photo of the bike to one of our emails.

I'd like to change my room/roommate. Is that possible?

If you have a serious reason to change your room or roommate, please contact reception. We will do our best to accommodate your request. It always depends on availability or the willingness of other Kampus Palace residents to switch rooms. If you decide you would like to live with a particular roommate when you extend your accommodation, be sure to indicate this on the extension request form.

I need to park my car so I can unload/load my stuff when I move. Where can I park?

If you need to park for a short time (max 60 minutes), ask at the reception and we will be happy to let you park in the courtyard. Alternatively, on weekends and evenings, free parking is also available in the car park outside the Book House.

Long-term parking is prohibited in the courtyard.

I came by car. Can I park it in the courtyard? Or does Kampus have other parking spaces available?

As Kampus Palace is located in the city centre, parking options are very limited. Here are a few types of parking:

  1. you rent a parking space from Kampus Palace. Our parking lot is on the other side of the building. The cost of parking is 900 CZK (Premium and VIP packages have a discount on parking). Unfortunately, we only have 6 parking spaces available and they are mostly reserved,
  2. find a parking space in the vicinity of Nová Karolina, or under the Frýdlant bridges, where you can park for free. Watch out for signs and parking bans, which are sometimes hard to see in some places around Kampus Palace,
  3. rent a parking space either in the City Campus underground garage or from another company/service operating in the vicinity of Kampus Palace.

Can I book a room for just a few days during the summer holidays?

You can also book a room for a short period of time (during the summer holidays). However, the hotel's current rates apply. If you have a Premium or VIP package, you are entitled to a discount on this hotel rate. We always recommend booking directly through reception (in person, by phone, by email). In most cases the prices at the reception are lower and we are able to adjust them if necessary. Prices from bookings made through our website, Booking.com and other such servers cannot be changed and are higher as commission must be paid.

Are my relatives/friends coming? Is it possible to accommodate them somewhere at Kampus?

Throughout the year we have one double room with the possibility of one extra bed, which is intended for hotel use and can be booked. The room has its own bathroom and kitchenette. We will be happy to advise you of the price and availability of the room at reception. Occasionally we have other rooms available during the academic year. Always check with reception for room availability and price.

I need to get my mail sent to Kampus Palace. What are the conditions and what is the address?

Ordinary mail and registered mail can be sent to Kampus Palace without restriction. You can also have already paid packages sent here via shipping companies. We do not accept postage-paid or hand-delivered letters and parcels. Always write your name and address on the letter or package (Smetanovo náměstí 3116/10, 702 00 Ostrava). Without your name, we will not be able to assign the package to the correct recipient.

Incoming parcels are placed in a post box in the reception cupboard. Just pick up your parcel. Once a week a receptionist send a notice to all owners of unclaimed parcels.

Can I have mail sent COD?

Cash on delivery packages can also be collected, but you must either leave an envelope with the money ready at the reception (Standard package) or notify the receptionist in advance (Premium and VIP packages). Cash on delivery can then only be paid in cash.

You can pick up your package at the reception. In the case of a VIP package, it will be delivered to your room.

Where can I play sports near Kampus Palace?

The Kampus Palace building includes a small, basic gym. It is also possible to use the premises of City Kampus for sports, or we have a partnership agreement with Fit Academy in OC Nová Karolina. If you're more of an enthusiast for other sports, 10 minutes away on the Next Bike bike share is the Sareza Water World (Čapkárna) with outdoor and indoor pools, saunas, fitness centre and other facilities. For outdoor sports enthusiasts, we can definitely recommend the Ostravice riverfront, Komenského sady, the network of cycle paths (leading to Poland, for example) or even a train trip to the Beskydy.

Closet keys - is there somewhere to lock things?

Each student has a locker for their belongings with a key. If the key to the locker is not hanging on your keys or located in the locker lock, you may ask the custodian to change the lock. If your key does not fit in your locker, try other lockers in your room first and possibly swap keys with a roommate.

Cleaning, keeping order

How about taking out the bins?

You are obliged to take out all your own rubbish and use your own bin bags (not applicable to the Premium package). Failure to take your rubbish out or use a bin bag (60l for kitchen bin) will result in a fine according to the Schedule of Fees and Fines. 

Where can I find the bins?

The bins are located in the Courtyard by the passage (entrance to Building P). They are hidden behind the green fence. We have bins for paper (blue), plastic (yellow) and municipal waste (green).

If you choose the Standard and Premium packages you are required to take your own rubbish to the bins.  The bins are divided by destination (plastic, paper, municipal waste). Remember that you are obliged to use bin bags (60l kitchen bin). For those staying with the VIP package, the bin will be collected 4 times a week (weekdays). This service includes a refill of the bin bag.

Service packages include bathroom and kitchen disinfection. What does this mean?

The maid will come and disinfect the common areas. She'll thoroughly clean the bathroom, the kitchen worktop and the sink. This does not mean that you are not obliged to clean up between disinfections. Regular cleaning is still up to you, this is just a support service. The maid also does not clean the refrigerator, microwave, kitchen cabinets or your room. These areas are the responsibility of you and your roommates. For more information regarding cleaning, ventilation rules and your other responsibilities, you can read the Kampus Palace Code of Conduct.

My move-out date is approaching. What do I need to do before handing over the room keys?

First, loudly hand over the room well in advance. You can book a room check either at the reception or by filling in this form: https://forms.gle/M4cgYKhCmbJVoXxEA.

The room and part of the common areas must be cleaned before handover. You can find what to look out for in the Kampus Palace Regulations or in the Kampus Handbook on the website.

At the end of the accommodation you will be charged 200 CZK to the repair fund and painting . If you change rooms during AR, the same rules apply as when you finally leave Kampus. You may also be charged the 200 CZK fee in this case (depending on the condition of the room you are leaving).

The room can only be handed over on weekdays between 7:00 and 14:00. If you are leaving outside of these times or on a weekend, please check in on the last possible day before departure and then you can stay in the room until departure. You will only need to hand in your keys at reception on the day.

Questions about the contract

What do I have to fill in in the contract?

Always include a header in the contract (Czech or English part is sufficient) and a signature with the date on the last page. Before signing, always read the contract properly and check that the type of room, the amount of rent, the amount of the deposit and the date of validity of the contract are correct.

How long I can stay at Kampus Palace?

The expiry date of the contract is stated in 4.1. You can terminate the accommodation earlier than the last day of the contract, but in this case you are obliged to pay the rent for the entire duration of the contract. The exception is if you make a request to end the accommodation. In this case, you can leave Kampus Palace after the expiry of the notice period (3 months, see paragraph 4.4 of the Accommodation Contract for more information). The notice period can only be shortened by finding a replacement.

Where can I find an account number to send the deposit/rent. What is my variable symbol?

The account number is indicated in the contract header (approx. 8 lines on the 1st page). You will also find your variable symbol on the first page under the information to be filled in. Using your variable symbol will make it much easier to match rent payments to your name.

I'll only be at Kampus Palace for a week, am I eligible for a discount?

As mentioned above, you are obliged to pay rent for the entire term of the contract, whether you physically live there or not. So there is no discount for staying only during the week.

What all needs to be paid before I can enter Kampus Palace?

You must pay a refundable deposit before you can enter Kampus Palace. You can find the amount of the deposit in the Accommodation Contract in paragraph 3.4. The security deposit is not the same as paying the rent! The rent has to be paid separately. Rent is always due by the 5th of the month, i.e. September needs to be paid by the 5th of September etc. If your parents or you do not get paid until after this date, we recommend that you "prepay" your rent. For example, if you get paid on September 21, we recommend that you do not wait until that date to pay your rent, but pay it from the wages you have already received in August, i.e. e.g. pay September on August 21, then October on September 21, etc. This will avoid reminders and possible non-renewal (repeated failure to pay can be one of the reasons for refusing an extension request). 

I am interested in accommodation during the summer holidays. Is it possible?

Applications for accommodation during the summer holidays can be made during January. After this date, applications may no longer be granted for capacity reasons.

Accommodation is available primarily for both months (July and August) only.

I want to stay at Kampus Palace for the next academic year. What do I have to do to do that?

At the end of March/ during April you will receive a link to a questionnaire in your email where you can apply for an extension, choose the room you are interested in and also indicate the name of your preferred roommates. We will then process the application and send you the Accommodation Agreement during May.

In my service package, I have a one-year rent fixation. How does that work?

When requesting accommodation, please indicate in a note that you are interested in fixing the price of your accommodation. In this case, your rent will be the same even if rents go up.

This option can only be used once per stay at Kampus Palace.

If I want to extend my accommodation, do I have to pay rent over the holidays (July, August)?

Unless you're here at Kampus and have extended for the holidays, you don't have to pay rent for July and August. You need to vacate your room, move your belongings out, clean up and give them to a Kampus Palace staff no later than June 30th. If you have extended your accommodation contract, even from September, you can move in again at the beginning of September.

What about the rent during the summer holidays?

If you have applied for accommodation during the summer holidays, you will receive an amendment to your contract which will state your room assignment and the amount of rent. We do not guarantee that you will stay in your room for the holidays. We move students around for capacity reasons. Only students with the VIP package are guaranteed a room.

Can I choose a different room or roommate for the next academic year?

I'm sure. You have the option to tick multiple room options on the accommodation request form. You can also specify which room you are interested in, or add the name and contact details of your roommates. We try to accommodate everyone, but we don't always succeed. In this case, you will be offered an alternative and it will be up to you whether you accept it or not. If you choose an outside roommate (i.e., not yet living at Kampus), we cannot guarantee that you will get a roommate. Again, it all depends on the rooms that remain available to the public.

End of accommodation

I would like to end my accommodation in Kampus Palace early. What do I do?

You can end your stay at any time. You only need to comply with the Accommodation Agreement, which specifies a three-month notice period. This means that if you decide on 15 January that you no longer want to live here from February, you must give notice (in the Downloads section). Then, from February 1 (the first day of the following month), the notice period starts and you are obliged to pay the full rent. You can, of course, continue to live here during this period.

If you want to quit as soon as possible, you'll need to find a replacement. Indicate on your application the date you prefer to move out and try to reach out to people in your area (student Facebook groups, friends, etc.) and actively look for a replacement. We will also try to reach out to the people on the list. If a replacement can be found, you will stop paying rent on the day the replacement moves in. Persons already staying at Kampus Palace are not considered a substitute as this does not resolve the vacancy.

When will my deposit be refunded and in what amount?

The security deposit shall be returned to the bank account specified in the handover report within 60 days of the end of the last day of the notice period.

The deposit can also be refunded to a credit card (for foreign accounts only). This is only possible if you are moving out on a working day when Veronika (the main receptionist) is present at the reception.

If the deposit is returned to an account held with a foreign bank, a fee of CZK 500 is automatically withdrawn to cover the cross-border payment fees. To make a refund, you will need to provide IBAN, SWIFT, bank name, bank address, account holder name and residential address.