Hotel breakfast

Breakfast is not included in the price of your accommodation. However, you can start your day right in the Kampus Palace complex and choose your own breakfast from one of the restaurants located under our apartments. If you prove to be a hotel guest, you will receive a 15% discount on the entire breakfast at each establishment (valid until 11:00 each day).

Lovers of sweet and savoury breakfasts can enjoy themselves in the patisserie Sladký časy. From Monday to Sunday, from 9 am to 11 am, you can choose from several discounted breakfast menus. However, those who like to sleep longer do not have to be in despair, as breakfast is served here all day. In the morning, you can refill your energy with, for example, classics in the form of scrambled eggs, baked toasts, savoury pancakes or a French omelette. For sweet tongues, they have sweet pancakes, hot brownies, apple fritters or French toast with maple syrup. If a visit to Stodolní Street lasted all night yesterday, we definitely recommend one of the French sandwiches – Croque monsieur or Croque madame and freshly ground coffee.

Whether you’re vegan, prefer a raw diet, are a healthy lifestyle enthusiast or are just curious about what a vegan breakfast might look like, you will definitely not regret a visit to Black Kale. In the only purely vegan restaurant in Ostrava, you can choose from a sweet and savoury breakfast menu, prepared only from quality ingredients in BIO quality, all week from 8-10.30 am. Start your metabolism in the morning, for example with semolina or oatmeal, and replenish fiber for the body. On warmer summer days, we recommend a morning refreshment in the form of one of the Black Kale bowls – a bowl full of fresh fruit, smoothies or granules with homemade vegetable milk. The proteins, in turn, are hidden in famous salty pancakes filled with spinach, marinated tomatoes and tempeh.

The stylish restaurant is known for its British chef Simon Guest from Birmingham, who prepares selected French specialties from traditional recipes to modern contemporary trends. Simon has gained many years of experience around the world – but most in Britain and France. So where else to go for a real English breakfast than in Guest? We also recommend trying the famous baked sandwich with ham and cheese béchamel Croque monsieur or even better Croque madame, which also has fried eggs.