5000 m2 of arts

Before the gallery of modern art PLATO will move to the reconstructed slaughterhouse next door, it is temporarily situated in an empty hobby market. Instead of traditional exhibitions, the gallery is a living experiment where its basic functional facilities such as a library, bistro and cloakroom are created by artist, complemented with workshops and exhibitions.

Ostravica’s new symbol

OSTRAVICA-TEXTILIA, a former department store with an uncertain future, has a new face since autumn 2016 – a painting called Madona. In the real world the girl’s name is Meredith, and the painting was created by her friend, the American street artist Nils Westergard, in just a weekend. The girl is symbolically looking up, hoping for better tomorrows. It seems as if she’s saying: „It won’t be easy, but everything is going to end up fine. “ We’ll wait and see.

A different castle

Most castles are built on hills. But not the SILESIAN OSTRAVA CASTLE! (Slezskoostravský hrad) It lies just over the river from the city centre, along a path leading to the Ema slagheap. It nearly sunk without a trace in 1954 due to coal mining under it, and it was close to being demolished, but thankfully it was rescued and now it’s a venue for cultural events an exhibitions.