Student life


Have a drink with students

MIRROR is close to the local universities, so no wonder it’s packed with students here!

Cool park

Park KOMENSKÉHO SADY is a popular destination for sports, dog lovers, families with children and picknicking teens. In the middle there is a Red Army monument and tennis legend Ivan Lendl spent lots of time in the 70’s.

Party hard

At IKARUS bar, nobody cares about the time or your salary – the only thing that matters there is that you are having fun! It is a gay bar which is also famous thanks to its life-sized figurine of the mythical Icarus, which displays all the masculine details. Parties there last all night long till 5 or 7 in the morning.

Drink fast

In the 2TO2 bar it literally pays to drink quickly. The prices of all drinks are low, but for every half hour spent here, you will pay 25 crowns (after 17.00 – 35 crowns). It only depends on you, how long and how much!