Health food store

KVĚTOVÁRNA is a family-owned shop that is all about healthy and homemade. Warm up with their homemade hot fruit juice in winter or have it fresh in summer. You can also buy honey from the Jeseníky mountains or natural deodorant from the Beskydy mountains.

A little Belgium

An authentic piece of Belgium right in the middle of Ostrava, offering tzpical fries, beer and sandwiches. This French-speaking oasis called LA PETITE CONVERSATION was one of the first bistros in the city centre, and they have kept their quality high ever since the first day. Not only with the food, the lively atmosphere and pleasant staff, but also the personal charms of the owner David.

Meat the meat

The street food bistro EAT MEAT on the pedestrian zone in the centre fulfils its purpose literally – inside it is often so busy that you have to take your hot dog, burger or pastrami to eat it on the street or in the nearby park. Non-alcoholic beverages are from the US, everything else is local.

Belgian fries

In FAENCY FRIES you can get either a cone or a jumbo size box full of freshly made Belgian-style fries and eat them on a bench by the river or strolling around the city. Do you find fries too ordinary? Ask for truffle mayo, if you want them really fancy.

Original rolls

A true Ostravian would never talk badly about KATOWICKÉ RURKY – crispy golden rolls with chocolate whipped cream. Eat them right away while they are still crunchy. Or get the new hit – black ice cream.

Sweet finish

JUST DONUT is the first shop in Ostrava that offers this sweet American treat. Every day they sell out before sunset, sometimes right after lunchtime. We recommend the raspberry pistachio or salty donut.

Not just for vegeratian

BURFI is a vegetarian restaurant you can’t leave with an empty stomach because second helpings are free. The daily menu includes soup, main dish, salad, dessert and drink.

Coffee, beer, food & party

Drop anchor in the DOCK! Locals love the atmosphere, beer from local breweries, always something good to eat, and in summer, outside seating by the river. The cherry on top is the music selection, which somehow always suits the situation – whether you drop by for a cup of coffee in the afternoon, or whether you feel like partying till the early morning. Next door is Ostrava’s essential music club BARRÁK with international, Czech or local bands playing rock, punk, metal, even hip hop.

Tea party

Take new age music, mix it with Turkish rugs, Moroccan tiles and add some tea – what you get is a typical Czech tearoom, a place which has gradually won its place alongside Czech pubs. Not that tea could ever pose a serious threat to beer, but it is a serious alternative. The ČAJOVNA U SÝKOROVA MOSTU is crammed with teapots but to recall the old times in Ostrava, there is also a chain-system changing room which was used by the miners in the past. Apart from the fresh tea, you can try the vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free food, either at tables or sitting on cushions.