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your home there are four businesses in the Kampus Palace building. In addition, you can sit here in a cool courtyard. Whether it’s a raw cake and smoothie from the vegereatian bar Black Kale, beer or hookah from the Czech Hookah Club or French specialties from the Guest Restaurant, you won’t make a mistake. Don’t miss for Sladký Časy. You can run here, for example, in slippers. What’s more … everyone appreciates Kampus here, so it offers students nicely baked discounts.

Guest Restaurant Francais

Stylish French restaurant Guest, situated in the Kampus building, is famous mainly for its British chef, Simon Guest. Under the guidance of experienced Simon, the restaurant is particular about using fresh and high-quality ingredients and you can try here traditional dishes as well as new and modern ones. One of the biggest advantages is that the easthetically prepared portions may be enjoyed not only by the common consumes but also by celiacs, vegetarians and vegans! Many dishes on the menu are already gluten-free or vegan-friendly and from the dishes that are not, Simon can make them. Here, the motto definitely is: “The customer is always right.” Don’t be shy when ordering and enjoy the dance around you at the moment. There is also a daily fish and seafood menu. The restaurant is pepped up by the beautiful surrounding and pleasant atmosphere.

Kampus Palace recommend

  • Moules Mariniére
    Mussles in white wine creamz sauce with shallots, garlic and parslez, served with crispz baguette. We recommend to have them smoked.
  • French onion soup
  • Chocolate and biscuit cheesecake.

Realita Gaming Bar

Relaxed place in the center of Ostrava, where you can enjoy a good drink while playing Xbox, PS4, or try, how it feels to find yourself in virtual reality? Gaming Bar Realita is the right place for you! Regularly, tournaments in FIFA, NHL, and foosball are organized, and among other events, you can find Naughty Wednesdays and even more! Alongside the wide range of choice of beers, exotic rums and more drinks, the lovers of various pub refreshments are going to love it here.
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Kampus Palace recommennds

  • Orange gin tonic
  • Bopcorn

Black Kale

Vegetarian FRESH restaurant which is particular about freshness, high quality and preparation of dishes from purely vegetable ingredients. You can enjoy their delicacies indoors in the restaurant as well as in the sun-filled outside seating, which is located in the Kampus’ yard. Come try their home-made raw chocolate, gluten-free crapes, home-made fries and other specialties, which can be found on the regular daily vegan menu.

Kampus Palace recommend

  • Vegan burger in herb bun with home-made dips
  • Baked vegan pizza

Sladký časy

Those who like to have something sweet after a delicious lunch are going to find themselves looking for Sladký časy. This cakeshop and café, which is located in the corner of our building, offers numerous delicious cakes and desserts – all of this is to be enjoyed in a historic interior recalling the notion of bygone era. You can choose to try, for example, “heavenlike dessert”, cheesecake with white chocolate and strawberries, and many more delicacies. One of the advantages of this café is the possibility to order their desserts via the Internet from you home.

Kampus Palace recommends

  • French cream puff
  • “Likérová špička” (cream dessert filled with eggnog and covered in chocolate)
  • Chlebíček (open sandwich served on a home-made bread garnished with egg salad)

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