To be normal is normal

To be normal is normal

This article is written for those who like chasing something or someone. Be it excellent results at work or school, trained body, or your dreamy counterpart. It can be anything. Something that satisfies your need to stand out and exceed the standards. Honestly, we understand, because if we happen to have a free moment, we spend it on Instagram. And then, we get depressed, because the world displayed there is full of slim, trained, rich, and successful beautiful people.

This article is dedicated to those who spend much more time thinking about what has gone wrong or about what will come. For those who, maybe unconsciously, forget living here and now. If you keep continuously chasing something, you may find yourself chasing your own tail.

It is completely alright to want to be better. Better than yesterday, better than ever. But it’s important to find the right limit. Because otherwise, you do not live in the present. It is good to have a vision, realize what you want and follow it. But you should be careful with this as well. Don’t dwell on things that are not really important. Don’t want to excel in everything at all costs.

It’s important to realize whether it’s worth it to worry about some things. Whether to waste your energy, swear, or feel self-pity is really relevant. Whether you can afford being normal. Because to excel at everything you do is not possible. And what is more important – it’s not necessary either.

It’s mainly social media that show us that we should be able to juggle several roles at once and, at the same time, exceed the standards. We should be excellent students, grow organic food and share recipes for homemade snacks, be sensual lovers with breathtaking bodies (in case of women, we should also despise salads, eat burgers, drink beer, and mysteriously maintain the same weight!). The question is whether we want and need all of this.

I know I don’t, and never will have a perfect six-pack. Neither am I going to be able to run a marathon. Now, I don’t even need to have the best study results among the students at the faculty. And you know what, I am okay with it. I don’t have this kind of ambitions anymore. In some spheres of my life, it is enough for me to be normal.

I work out for the good feeling and energy. I study to leave with important information (for future practice), not to stress myself out. It’s much more important to me to spend time with my loved ones and do my job at full capacity and happily.

And what is important to you, what makes you satisfied with your life? Sometimes, shit happens, and we have to admit it. To have a perfect life and show that we have it is a modern trend. Every day, we see (and share) thick hair reaching to the waist, delicious food, great coffee, #couplegoals pictures, trained bodies, even if we enjoy simple homemade dishes, mediocre coffee with milk, or we aren’t currently living the most romantic love story. Don’t be afraid to admit it to yourselves and don’t be afraid to confide. And at the same time, let’s consider, if worrying about these things is worth it. If it’s not enough to simply say: “That sucks,” and go on with your life.